Standing Committees
Standing Committees

Associations Committee

The Associations Committee shall deal with relations between the Confederation and its Member Associations and draw up proposals for optimum cooperation.


Audit and Compliance Committee

The Audit and Compliance Committee shall ensure the completeness and reliability of the financial accounting; recommend the appointment of external auditors to the Congress; review the report of the external auditors at the request of the CONCACAF Council; assess and provide recommendations on CONCACAF’s internal control systems and risk management policies; and provide oversight of CONCACAF’s compliance program.


Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee shall make recommendations to the CONCACAF Council with respect to the remuneration and other compensation of persons designated by the Statutes and the Regulations from time to time. No member of the CONCACAF Council or any other person whose compensation is reviewed and approved of by the Compensation Committee shall be eligible to serve on the Compensation Committee.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall ensure the organization’s financial stability by providing oversight on its budget and investments, including recommendations as to development grants to Member Associations and other groups. The Finance Committee shall deal with CONCACAF’s development initiatives. It shall devise and propose appropriate strategies, provide oversight of these strategies and analyse support and programmes provided to Member Associations in this regard. The Finance Committee shall in particular analyse the major development challenges at stake, advise and assist the CONCACAF Council on CONCACAF’s Member Associations and Development programmes, propose new development activities and address the related budget matters, draw up guidelines and regulations on development programmes, approve the thematic focus, types of activity and budget allocation per continent and/or per Member Association and instruct the administration on the execution of the Finance Committee’s decisions. The Finance Committee may structure itself in different sub-committees depending on relevant areas of expertise.


Football Committee

The Football Committee shall deal with football matters (including women’s football, futsal and beach soccer), particularly the structure of the game and the relationship between Clubs, Leagues, Member Associations, and CONCACAF as well as with issues relating to the interests of club football in the region, and also analyse the basic aspects of football training and technical development. The Football Committee shall monitor adherence to fair play, evaluate issues of security and risk reduction relating to competitions and regional events, and support and supervise the conduct of everyone involved in Football within the CONCACAF region. The Football Committee may structure itself in different sub-committees depending on relevant areas of expertise and may include other stakeholders as members of its committee or subcommittees.


Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall evaluate the governance and transparency of CONCACAF on at least an annual basis, which reports are to be made available to members, and shall make recommendations to the CONCACAF Council with respect to the eligibility and nomination of CONCACAF Council members and the independence of members of the CONCACAF Council and other standing committees.


Medicine Committee

The Medicine Committee shall deal with all medical aspects of Football within the CONCACAF region and advise the Confederation on health-related issues, policies, research and programs.


Organizing Committees for CONCACAF Competitions

The Organizing Committee for CONCACAF Competitions shall organize all official CONCACAF Competitions in compliance with the provisions of the regulations applicable to the respective competitions, the hosting documents and hosting requirements contained or referred to therein.


Referees Committee

The Referees Committee shall exchange views on current referee topics and make recommendations on referee development programs and courses. The Referees Committee will assist the CONCACAF Refereeing Department in the identification and appointment of referees for competitions organized by the Confederation and the evaluation and ranking of referees and referees observers. The Referees Committee shall implement the Laws of the Game.

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