Where you see a field, we see opportunity. We see our goals, our game. A sport that reveals our own capacity for greatness. Where triumphs happen and lessons are learned. We are here to bring it. For every new fan, every new player, every girl who takes her shot, and knows she can’t miss. This is not a game. This is change. And not because we say so, but because we play so. #WeBelong

Creating Conversations

Belonging to the movement

Our pledge requires a commitment at all levels of the game. We need an All-Star team. Join us!

Belonging to the achievement

The road to growth is never easy. Football has taught us that the best wins require tenacity.

Belonging to the community

We form part of an interconnected global community. Together, we will grow the game for all.

Belonging to the social cause

We are not here to simply win the game; we are here to win the fight.


Two words, one powerful statement. It’s the feeling of knowing exactly where you are meant to be, with those who share your passion and focus. It is the united voice of women at every level and position of the game.

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