Q&A with General Secretary Philippe Moggio on building Concacaf's new bran
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Q&A with General Secretary Philippe Moggio on building Concacaf's new brand

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Concacaf continues celebrating its new look, a huge change in its corporate positioning and identity. After the big announcement last week, Concacaf General Secretary Philippe Moggio outlined the defining moment in a new era for the organization.

What is it like to unveil a new brand for Concacaf?

The announcement of our new brand brings an amazing energy to our organization and its 41 member associations. Alongside the Concacaf Nations League, our new competition for national teams, I feel that, it is emblematic of our commitment to protect and develop the world’s game.

It is a true reflection of our 41 members’ shared vision: For the Love of Our Game. I think that we are building a brand that brings joy and emotional rewards to football fans. Our region uniquely celebrates and combines the best of sports excellence, inclusion and respect from the smallest country in the Caribbean like St. Kitts and Nevis, to the largest nation in North America, Canada.

As part of an organization you have to see yourself represented… And I believe the new brand reflects each of our members and represents our region’s diversity.

How has Concacaf changed over the past two years?

We have made tremendous progress over the last two years. And for us, our biggest accomplishment as we continue changing the culture of our organization, is that the discussion across our 41 member nations is about football. 

We have been heavily focused on reform and good governance, while upholding the values of transparency and accountability. In addition, with the aim of providing more access to football for more Member Associations, players and fans, we have also expanded our club and national teams’ competitions including the Concacaf Champions League, the Concacaf League, the Caribbean Club Championship, the Caribbean Shield, Gold Cup and most recently, the Concacaf Nations League.

While I am proud of the progress we have made, we still have lot of work to do. So now the way I look at it is that we are well-positioned to build on our achievements and seize every opportunity to grow our business and develop the game, which is our mission.

What inspired Concacaf to make this change?

Our Confederation has evolved and we felt it was time for a change. We have been working on the One Concacaf Vision of President Victor Montagliani. We are creating a network of unified competitions, development and leadership that unites our diverse region into one strong body, with the goals of actively promoting universal access to our sport, and raising the quality of football across our Confederation.

The new brand is one of the major overhauls of the Confederation’s identity, we are here to serve football.  We have created a new brand to better reflect our identity and the Confederation’s strategy to become One Concacaf, 41 countries working together to grow football.

With that said, there are four core areas that we will stand up for: Unity, Football, Quality and Access. We have been intensely focused on these areas, starting with the leaders at the very top of our organization, including our President and the Concacaf Council.

Your new logo incorporates a modern look. Tell us more about it. 

Our logo is a modern symbol of unity, in a neutral gold, black and white, so it works well with our 41 distinct Member Associations identities. We have modernized the typeface, and set the name Concacaf as a word to make it more memorable and user-friendly. The diamonds of the circle, representing the four pillars, are used as a distinctly Concacaf signature. And it is designed from the ground up to work online, in stadium, and on TV.

How is the rebranding driving the future of Concacaf?


The new brand is going to have a profound implication in everything we do. It defines the focus of our Confederation inspired by the One Concacaf Vision.

These core areas - Unity, Football, Quality and Access - will guide our decision making in multiple areas of the organization including competitions and development. It is a way of telling ourselves that what we are doing is consistent with who we are as a brand.

How does Concacaf define these pillars?

Let’s start with unity, we are One Concacaf family, 41 countries, united by the love for our game, working together under a common One Concacaf agenda, and representing the best interests of our 41 beautiful countries. 

Football always comes first. Our decisions are always made in service of the sport, those 90 minutes between the lines on the field for the benefit of our fans, players, officials, partners, and employees.

We are here to raise the quality our game every day, making football better for every team, every time. We want a future Confederation where all of our teams are in a better position to win, whether it is the next match or a FIFA World Cup. 

In our game, everyone gets to play. And everyone in our family should feel connected and respected, no matter where you come from or where you are going. We will work tirelessly to promote on and off the field opportunities in our industry. 

After almost two years in as General Secretary what is your number one priority right now?

Our emphasis is on executing our One Concacaf plan, driven by these core areas to grow the business, excelling in the service for our Member Associations, investing in our organization and the game, and positioning Concacaf as a leading sports organization.