Bringing The Vibes, a 41 Diamonds x Heritage Story by Chester Pierre
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Bringing The Vibes, a 41 Diamonds x Heritage Story by Chester Pierre

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My name is Chester Pierre, and I am from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. I am an entrepreneur in the sports industry. My company Unveil Group is responsible for the platforms Unveil Plus, Unveil Athletes, and Unveil Experience. These platforms promote regional athletes through content, hosting sporting events, and assisting young athletes with sporting opportunities. 

In Trinidad and Tobago, I support AC Port of Spain, a club in our Premier Football League. I love football because of the togetherness it brings. Growing up I loved playing with friends and looking forward to competitions such as the World Cup, Concacaf Gold Cup, and of course, watching Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League.


I am also the founder of a fanbase for the national team called D Vibes Section, where we push supporters to be louder and bolder while supporting Trinidad and Tobago at home matches. I think it is important for the world to learn about different cultures. We have always seen European or South American fan culture. It is time we show them how it is done in Trinidad and Tobago!


Hyping The Crowd

Trinbagonians love "liming" which includes food, drinks, music and a vibey atmosphere. Our section in the stadium usually has a rhythm section, music, flags, signs, face painting, smoke, and other entertainment to hype the crowd and the players.

We simply wanted to bring this aspect of our culture into supporting the national team. We have seen fans all over the world, from Brazil, Argentina, England, Germany, and Mexico celebrate their national team by creating a particular atmosphere at matches. This is what we are aiming to create.

The inspiration for D Vibes Section came on Saturday, March 24, 2022. I was discussing with my girlfriend how I could encourage more supporters for our national team. We are always looking at ways to encourage supporters. We launched 24 hours before the game against Guyana on March 29th, and the rest was history! 



Making Memories

I have been supporting Trinidad and Tobago for as long as I can remember, from attending the U-17 World Cup in 2001 to various World Cup qualifying matches. One of my most memorable moments supporting the national team was in 2005 when we made the World Cup for the first and only time in history.  

It was Bahrain v Trinidad and Tobago, the intercontinental qualifier for the FIFA World Cup 2006! We won 1-0 through a header from Dennis Lawrence! It was epic! I remember watching that football match while in high school, the streets of Port of Spain were filled with celebration after the final whistle. That memory has never left me. 

For this summer’s Concacaf Gold Cup campaign, we have been having watch parties. We get together with food, drinks, and music and support our team.

The photos were taken at 63 Bar Lounge, with friends and family who also support the national team. During the viewing party, I tried capturing the energy of our supporters especially when a goal was scored. 63 Bar Lounge is owned by a close family friend. It is a great venue to watch all sports in one of the most popular areas of Trinidad and Tobago, Ariapita Avenue.


Being Trinbagonian

My whole family is from Trinidad & Tobago, though some now live in Europe and the United States. Being Trinbagonian means being a part of a country with many cultures that intertwine, from the music, the celebrations, and the food, to the people. We are mixed with the richness of everything.

Growing up I played high school football at St Mary's College in Port of Spain and at youth club level for Pacemakers FC, Creek Sports and Cultural Club, and Wasa FC. I guess like many Trinbagonians in my era, the eagerness to play football came from seeing Dwight Yorke in the Premier League. He was, and still is, a household name in Trinidad and Tobago.

Football is important in the Trinbagonian community because it brings a lot of people together for something positive. It is also an opportunity for young athletes in less fortunate circumstances to get a chance to use their talent for a better life.


Giving New Opportunities

Personally, I would like to continue assisting young footballers with scholarship opportunities through my platform Unveil Athletes. I hope that we can grow even bigger in the future and create many more opportunities throughout the Caribbean. Recently we successfully hosted the College Combines, the opportunity to invite US and Canadian coaches to the Caribbean to see the talent that we have here.

My biggest drive is sharing knowledge with those that are unaware of the process. Unveil Athletes came about with the concept of assisting those athletes who are interested in the opportunity of attaining scholarships, but do not have an idea of where to start. While playing football at the high school level, I was unaware of the opportunities in front of me. I believe that I owe it to those just like me who can now gain from the knowledge and connections that we have.

Football in my country can only grow and evolve towards something better. Our league has recently started, giving a lot of young athletes their first experience at playing professionally. This should benefit us for our upcoming World Cup qualifying campaign! I hope to watch Trinidad and Tobago play live at the World Cup in 2026.



Quickfire Heritage Questions


What are the words or phrases/sayings that anyone from your country will know? 

Was d scn (means what's up).

Watch yuh legs (said before a player is nutmegged).


What are the most distinctive landmarks in your country? 

Queen's Park Savannah, the largest roundabout in the world.

The Pitch Lake.

Nylon Pool (Tobago).


What is your country most famous for?


Soca Music and Carnival.

Producing world sportsmen/sportswomen such as Brian Lara (cricket), Hasely Crawford (Track and Field), Dwight Yorke (Football), Jean Pierre (Netball), Keshorn Walcott (Track and Field).


What do you consider your most distinctive food dish?

Doubles is a local street food, usually eaten for breakfast but you can see vendors out in the morning, during the day or nighttime. It is curried chickpeas tucked between two fried flatbreads better known as "bara".


If you could say “these three things symbolize our country and our people”, what would that be? 

Energy, Carnival, and Mixed Culture.