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CONCACAF WOMEN'S U-17 APPEARANCES (Final Round): 7th (Trinidad & Tobago 2008, Costa Rica 2010, Guatemala 2012, Jamaica 2013, Grenada 2016, Nicaragua/United States 2018 and Dominican Republic 2022).

RECORD: GP-30 W-28 D-2 L-0 (GF-158 GA-10) / 95.6% effectiveness.

PENALTY SHOOTOUT: (2). WIN: (0). LOST: (2) / 0% effectiveness.

BEST PERFORMANCE: Winner (Trinidad & Tobago 2008, Guatemala 2012, Grenada 2016, Nicaragua/United States 2018), 3rd Place (Costa Rica 2010 and Jamaica 2013).

TOP SCORERS HISTORY: Summer Green 12, Lindsey Horan 8, Morgan Brian 6, Taylor Smith 6, Courtney Verloo 5, Zoe Redei 5, Sunshine Fontes 5, Frankie Tagliaferri 5, Ashley Sanchez 5.

GOLDEN BOOT: Courtney Verloo (5 goals in Trinidad & Tobago 2008), Lindsey Horan (8 goals in Costa Rica 2010), Summer Green (12 goals in Guatemala 2012), Sunshine Fontes (5 goals in Nicaragua/United States 2018).

GOLDEN BALL: Ashley Sanchez (Grenada 2016).

GOLDEN GLOVE: Laurel Ivory (Grenada 2016), Angelina Anderson (Nicaragua/United States 2018).

CONCACAF Fair Play Award: 1 (Nicaragua/United States 2018).

QUALIFICATION CWU17C: Automatic. 3rd Ranked.

FIFA U17 WOMEN'S WORLD CUP APPEARANCES: 4 (New Zealand 2008, Azerbaijan 2012, Jordan 2016 and Uruguay 2018).

BEST APP FIFA U17 WOMEN'S WORLD CUP: Runner Up (New Zealand 2008).


H2H (Teams Group G 2022):

  1. Puerto Rico: no games played.
  2. Costa Rica: (6 games played). 100% won USA. H2H: CRC 0-6 USA (Samatha Mewis x2, Courtney Verloo x2, Julia Roberts, Victoria Dimartino) in Group A Trinidad & Tobago 2008; USA 4-1 CRC (Tani Costa x2, Kristen Mewis, Courtney Verloo; Katherine Alvarado) Final Trinidad & Tobago 2008; CRC 0-10 USA (Taylor Smith x3, Alexandra Doll, Morgan Brian x2, Lindsey Horan x2, Kaili Torres, Jennifer Gonzalez) Group B, Costa Rica 2010; CRC 0-6 USA (Kaysie Clark, Kaili Torres, Olivia Brannon, Lindsey Horan, Isabell Farrell, Taylor Smith) 3rd Place Match, Costa Rica 2010; USA 2-0 CRC (Alexa Spaanstra, Ashley Sanchez) Group B, Grenada 2016; USA 4-0 (Jeimy Umaña o/g, Payton Linnehan, Kennedy Wesley, Sophia Jones) Group B, Nicaragua/United States 2018.
  3. Grenada: no games played.

The U.S. are the reigning champions, winning the last CWU17 held in 2018, giving them a record fourth crown. This is the seventh CWU17 appearance for the U.S., who have qualified for four Women’s U17 World Cups. In 30 CWU17 matches, the U.S. own a 28W-2D-0L record.