Concacaf and neaū Water Join Forces to Hydrate Players in Landmark Partnership
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Concacaf and neaū Water Join Forces to Hydrate Players in Landmark Partnership

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Miami, FL  – In a significant move to enhance player pure hydration and well-being, Concacaf and neaū Water proudly announce a groundbreaking two-year partnership. This collaboration will see neaū Water become the Official Water Partner for the upcoming Concacaf W women's Gold Cup 2024, the Concacaf Nations League Finals, scheduled for March 21-24 in Dallas, Texas, and the highly anticipated Concacaf men’s Gold Cup 2025, the Confederation’s flagship men’s national team tournament which will be played just one year out from the 2026 World Cup.

Concacaf and neaū Water share a commitment to excellence and innovation. With a mission to optimize athletic hydration by providing a water option that is absolutely free of additives, neaū Water brings its cutting-edge restored water solution to Concacaf's premier tournaments, ensuring that players are equipped for optimal hydration throughout the game.

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with neaū Water," said Concacaf General Secretary, Philippe Moggio. "Hydration is fundamental to player performance, and partnering with neaū Water allows us to prioritize the health and well-being of our athletes across our flagship tournaments, while working with innovative new partner who is committed to supporting the ongoing growth of football in our region,” added Moggio.

neaū Water's advanced restorative solution and commitment to providing the best quality water hydration make them the perfect partner for Concacaf. Their dedication to innovation aligns seamlessly with Concacaf's vision for the future of football in the region.

"We are excited to partner with Concacaf and support the teams and incredible athletes competing in these prestigious tournaments," said Hani Beshara, neaū Water CEO. "At neaū Water, we believe that optimal and pure water hydration is essential for everyone, especially for athletes. We are committed to providing the best water offering across the United States, and this partnership with Concacaf allows us to further our mission and make a positive impact.", added Beshra.

The partnership between Concacaf and neaū Water marks an exciting new chapter for football in the region, one that prioritizes the health and safety of players. Together, Concacaf and neaū Water are set to raise the bar for water hydration standards in football and inspire athletes and fans to stay hydrated with the best water option they can have.

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