UNCAF U-20: Day One Quotes

Action from the UNCAF under-20 qualifier between Honduras (white jersey) and Panama on July 17, 2014, at the Estadio Cuscatlan in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Chin Hormecha Chin – Defender, Panama

Since February, we were waiting for this day.  We knew that Honduras would be difficult because they have so many players in the First Division, but with hard work and sacrifice, humility and, above all, attitude, we could achieve victory"

The beginning of the game was complicated, but as time progressed we gained control.  We knew we had to attack and, thankfully, opportunities were presented.

Mauricio Alfaro – Head Coach, El Salvador

From every point of view I am satisfied with the three points.  The tournament is just beginning.  Maybe we did not take advantage of the all opportunities we had.  We missed a lot and it is something that we need to fine tune.

Every time we pushed the play, they (Belize) put a lot of people in the field in the first half.  In the second half, they left more spaces and we could have had more assertive and had more goal opportunities.

Guatemala will be an interesting match.  They have good players.  We will play our game from start to finish and we will to win not only them, the opponent that we face we have to overcome in order to rank.

Diego Palma – Forward, Guatemala

We started on the right foot.  Thanks to God we got the result.  We believed and we beat one of the favorites (Costa Rica).  We had 93 minutes of concentration.  That was the key to this win.  We go step by step in every game because each one is different.

This dream started two years ago and mentality of everyone on the team is to finish first in this tournament even though others are favorites, such as Honduras, Costa Rica.  But we are believing and with work and discipline we can achieve it.

Harold Wallace – Assistant Coach, Costa Rica 

Unfortunately, we did achieve the objective to win.  In my opinion, gifted the 45 minutes.  We entered the game listlessly, believing the game was won without playing it and that's tricky.  In the second half, we tried.  We had some chances to score, but we were unable to do so and that is product of having given away the first half.

The players were a little nervous with anxiety and could not make three passes in a row in the first half and Guatemala took advantage of that.  In the second period, we improved, but Guatemala a lot of defensive organization.  You have to give them credit.

We came with the mindset to win every game.  We still, we have 15 points to contest and we have to win them.