Nicaragua to implement CONCACAF grassroots pilot program

CONCACAF and FENIFUT officials visit a local school in Managua, Nicaragua, on April 6, 2016.

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – During a series of meetings this week in Nicaragua, CONCACAF is presenting its Grassroots program to Nicaraguan Football Federation (FENIFUT) officials, governmental figures and media members, as well as potential sponsors.

The pilot program, which will be implemented in the next three months in 10 local schools, consists of promoting football development by training instructors to coach children from ages 6-12.

Through these local engagements, which started Wednesday, more than 60 individuals have gathered to discuss the evolution of the game, potential challenges, the nation’s overall football objectives and ways to demonstrate football’s positive impact in communities.

CONCACAF Development Director Hugo Salcedo stressed the importance of developing football at the youth level and the benefits that can be gained as a result.

Additionally, members of the Confederation met with Fidel Moreno, General Secretary of the Mayor’s Office in Managua, who noted that the government is delighted to contribute to the sport‘s growth.

Moreno stated: “This project benefits the already established social programs, which are being implemented throughout the country. In 2016, we will have national championships for children at U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-19.”

Also in attendance was Nicaragua's Institute of Sport Executive Director, Marlon Torres, who noted, “We have the proper infrastructure available to allow CONCACAF’s project to flourish as displayed by the already established youth leagues.”

CONCACAF’s Grassroots course continues today, with local coaches having the opportunity to learn and implement new skills taught by the Confederation’s specialized coaching staff. Moreover, leaders from 10 different schools will attend CONCACAF’s pilot program, featuring a progressive approach in introducing sports as an educational aid.

“In the education system, we are in the process of delivering sports equipment, while promoting the practice of football at the youth level,” said Salvador Vanegas, the Government Delegate for Education.

Grassroots is a fundamental to the development of football. Through this program, CONCACAF shares its philosophy of utilizing the game as a platform to uphold the ideals of fair play, leadership, team spirit and diversity.