LeBlanc inspires participation in the game at women’s football symposium from Bermuda Football Association
Concacaf Head of Women’s Football Karina LeBlanc empowered girls and women to play the game during a recent Women’s Football Symposium organized by the Bermuda Football Association.

HAMILTON, Bermuda – This past weekend the Bermuda Football Association (BFA) hosted a women’s football symposium under the banner of “Girls and Women’s Empowerment in Football” that featured Concacaf Head of Women’s Football Karina LeBlanc.

The successful event served as an opportunity for women and girls to network and discuss how to better grow women’s football in Bermuda, with a focus on coaches, players and parents.

“It was an honor to be the guest speaker for a special weekend of women’s football in Bermuda,” said LeBlanc. “This type of event lines up perfectly with our president’s Victor Montagliani’s ONE Concacaf Vision for growing the women’s game in Bermuda and across our region.”

Their first ever women’s football symposium was well planned in multiple panels which gave voices to the past, present and future of the game opening up great discussions on how they can grow the game on the island.”

The former Canada goalkeeper highlighted Bermuda’s participation in Concacaf tournaments as the catalyst for positive change in its women’s football program.

“With their youth teams getting better in our Concacaf tournaments, and the community really buying into supporting the women’s game, I believe the Bermuda federation has the tools needed to really make a shift in the women’s game.  I look forward to seeing the impact of their plans,” added LeBlanc.

The experiences told by Bermuda women’s footballers far and wide, plus LeBlanc’s presence, made for an informative and uplifting event.

“The inaugural Women's Football Symposium Weekend was a resounding success,” said BFA President Mark Wade. “There were many takeaways: from the history of women football to the experiences of student athletes and much more. The added bonus was the U9 and U11 tournament. Our special guest, Karina LeBlanc, was able to infuse her energy into the events. I was privileged to be a part of the first of many Women's Football Symposiums.”

Moving forward, Bermuda football officials are optimistic about the future of women’s football on the island.

“The future for Bermuda Women's Football is bright and we now have unlocked the motivation as a country to drive us forward on to continued success,” said BFA Women's Committee Chair, K. Charryse Bean.

“We thank Concacaf for sending Karina LeBlanc to come to our island for this inaugural event. I look forward to working with Karina again in the near future,” concluded Bean.