Infantino: ‘New Concacaf HQ represents new chapter of football in region’

MIAMI, Florida – Fifa President Gianni Infantino gave a ringing endorsement of Concacaf and its drive to modernize and professionalize its operations.

President Infantino, who paid tribute to Concacaf’s broader development achievements and the confederation’s continued drive to grow the sport on all fronts, said  last week’s official inauguration of Concacaf’s new headquarters in Miami, Florida, is emblematic of the forward-thinking mentality of the current administration led by Concacaf President Victor Montagliani.

“It’s a great honor to be in this global city and to be a part of (the official opening) of this new and modern headquarters of Concacaf, which says what Concacaf is about… it represents a new chapter of football in this wonderful region,” Infantino declared before participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez was clearly delighted with Concacaf’s new sprouts in the Miami metropolis, which is fast becoming a hub for football --- boosted no doubt by the City’s recent approval for new MLS franchise Inter Miami CF to put down roots.

The Mayor was direct when he said that football is the new sporting craze in the city, and Concacaf’s solidifying itself as a valued citizen speaks volume to football’s imprint in the commercial and multi-cultural district.

“This is indeed a watershed moment for sports in Miami, and soccer in particular… there was a time when baseball, basketball and football dominated our city, but everywhere you go these days, the kids are playing soccer, and that’s is all my son does. It’s perfect timing for Concacaf to be opening new offices here,” said Suarez, as he addressed Concacaf staff, representatives of the confederation’s 41 Member Associations, plus other key stakeholders.

Meanwhile, Concacaf President, the visionary Victor Montagliani, was beaming at the coming to fruition of the new full service family home of the confederation.

“When you craft a vision document that I did as a candidate (for presidency) and when you see it come to life as it has, in a very short time, it is great feeling… and all of that culminating today (Wednesday) with this beautiful new office which all our members are proud of,” said Montagliani.

He added that Miami remains an ideal location for Concacaf to centralize its operations.

“First of all, geographically it’s a great location as it is easy to get to by all our members from the Caribbean and Central America, and obviously us in North America… but also Miami is a city that is flowing with that wonderful Caribbean spirit and the influence of the Caribbean here is great, coupled with the passion of Latin America and the entrepreneurial spirit of North America, so Miami captures all of this,” he noted.

Concacaf General Secretary, Philippe Moggio,  says apart from its ideal location in the heart of Miami’s business district, which gives unprecedented access to all it serves, the office situated at 161 North West 6th Street, is in keeping with the confederation’s demanding and growing operational portfolio.

“This is another step into our evolution and in keeping with the vision communicated by President Montagliani to the membership that we want to unify… the new office is a physical demonstration that we want to serve our members better.

“Also it is great from an access perspective as this a better location where our presidents can come in and they will know that it is their home,” said Concacaf’s chief administrator.

Meanwhile, President of the Caribbean Football Randolph Harris, speaking for the 31-member sub-grouping, welcomed the new office facility and what the new move symbolizes.

“I think everybody is happy with what has been taking place… you can see the quality of what Concacaf is offering in the administration of the game and no one would believe that we in this region are not looking to go to the next level,” said the Barbadian.