General Secretary discusses CONCACAF progress

At the Soccerex Global Convention, Moggio discussed CONCACAF's reform process, CONCACAF competitions and development programs and the 2026 FIFA World Cup joint bid by Canada, Mexico and USA. 

MANCHESTER, UK - CONCACAF General Secretary Philippe Moggio reviewed the Confederation's progress in implementing reforms, while discussing the focus of the organization in football at the Soccerex Global Convention held September 4-6, in Manchester, England.

Moggio emphasized CONCACAF's mission to develop the sport as well as the new administration's strategy to unite 41 member nations under the ONE CONCACAF Vision

"Over the past two years, CONCACAF has gone through a very strong reform process that started with the implementation of new statutes to create more transparency, accountability and better corporate governance across the Confederation's structure," said Moggio. "Under the leadership of President Victor Montagliani, we have established an administration focused on football first, development and service to our members."

He discussed the 2026 FIFA World Cup joint bid from the federations of Canada, Mexico and the United States, as well as the Confederation's supporting role in the bidding process in order to meet and exceed FIFA's requirements.

"We believe that it is our time for the World Cup to come back to CONCACAF. It was hosted in 1994 in the United States, 32 years will have to go by until it comes back here," said Moggio, adding that the 48-team World Cup is a tremendous opportunity to further develop the game and demonstrate its unifying power.

The General Secretary pointed out the recent success of the 14th edition of Gold Cup in terms of viewership, attendance and sponsorships. He also commented on other CONCACAF tournaments, including the new champions league format to improve club competition, and on additional opportunities to grow competitions and the overall sport within the region.