CONCACAF referee symposium wraps up in Costa Rica

(ABOVE) Participants in the CONCACAF International Referee Symposium presented by Comex Futline held October 3-4, 2014, in San Rafael de Alajuela, Costa Rica.

SAN RAFAEL DE ALAJUELA, Costa Rica – A gathering for those referees on the cusp of being candidates for the FIFA List concluded Saturday, following two-days of activities at the Costa Rican Football Federation’s Goal Project facilities and the Marriott San Jose.

The CONCACAF International Referee Symposium presented by Comex Futline emphasized the key factors of professional success for 50 men and women aspiring to take the next step in their officiating careers.

"The importance of the referee’s physical care was emphasized, especially nutrition and hydration, in order to facilitate their performance on the field, as it makes for an elite athlete,” said Francisco Bolívar, manager of sponsorships and marketing for Comex.

In addition to health and nutrition, the symposium participants had the opportunity to learn about the characteristics of successful referees, match preparation and management, the evolving role of the referee in the modern game and next career steps.

Many of CONCACAF’s most accomplished referees made presentations during the conference, including those who officiated on the greatest stage in sport – the FIFA World Cup.

Those presenting included (World Cups in parentheses):

Arturo Angeles, USA (1994)

Armando Archundia, Mexico 2006, 2010)

Carlos Batres, Guatemala (2002, 2006)

Arturo Brizio, Mexico (1994, 1998)

Mark Geiger, USA (2014)

Brian Hall, USA (2002)

Peter Prendergast, Jamaica (2002)

Marco Rodriguez, Mexico (2006, 2010, 2014)

Bernie Ulloa, Costa Rica (1986, 1990)

On Saturday, Prendergast and Julio Gioscia conducted a field training session that focused on personality and decision making.

CONCACAF Deputy General Secretary Ted Howard, a member of the FIFA Referees Committee; FIFA fitness instructor Allan Brown; 1998 World Cup referee Javier Castrilli of Argentina and Alfredo Whittaker, the Caribbean Football Union’s head of refereeing, were also on hand to share their experiences and expertise.