CONCACAF New Football Management System

CONCACAF is automating its competitions management system in an effort to improve, centralize and streamline the process for all its tournaments. The online platform will provide Member Associations with the ability to manage critical information related to their respective participating teams in all CONCACAF competitions.

CONCACAF partnered with Analyticom, a specialized independent software provider, to implement the football management system COMET (Competition Management Expert System).

“CONCACAF continues investing in technologies that enhance the services provided to all our Member Associations, while improving our organization’s efficiency and performance,” said CONCACAF Chief of Football Officer Manolo Zubiria. “The new Competitions Management System is an innovative platform that enables the Confederation to improve the planning, management, and execution of our football operations.” 

“The new competitions platform is another step in the Confederation’s focus on professionalizing all aspects of our organization,” said CONCACAF Director of Refereeing, Brian Hall. “For the Referee Department, this platform will simplify the administrative paperwork of all of the referee family so that we can focus our energy on training and developing our match officials to perform at the highest level on the field of play.”

CONCACAF is expected to finalize the implementation of all competition management processes by April.  The system covers all aspects of competitions including fixture generation, team registration, referee allocation and management, disciplinary matters, matchday operations and reports, and various statistics in all areas.

Remaining administrative, logistical and other advanced functionalities such as club licensing, inventory, accreditation will be delivered by November. The new solution will revolutionize the way the Confederation manages competitions as it is crucial to improve the processes of multiple areas including development, refereeing and disciplinary.

The system COMET is already used in 40 countries on five continents, has already been implemented in CONMEBOL and OFC confederations, and is tightly integrated with the equivalent UEFA system. Furthermore, it is compliant with FIFA Connect ID and FIFA Connect Data standards.