On April 18, 2013, at the request of the CONCACAF Executive Committee, the CONCACAF Integrity Committee released its Report of Investigation detailing organizational deficiencies within the Confederation. The Committee also issued subsequent recommendations to address and reform the issues outlined in its report. These recommendations were designed to supplement accountability and transparency initiatives already forethought by the Executive Committee.

Presently, the CONCACAF Integrity Committee is pleased to report that two years following the release of its Report of Investigation, the Confederation has embraced more than 30 recommended organizational reforms promulgated by the Committee. Through the development of the Policies and Procedures Manual and the adoption of its amended Statutes at the recently held Congress, CONCACAF has created the legal framework that will allow for the implementation of the aforementioned recommendations.

In this vein, the Confederation has developed new governance standards, approved a Code of Ethics, created reporting mechanisms and enforcement procedures, implemented financial compliance and reporting measures and solidified the Confederation’s fiscal position.  We are confident that the Executive Committee’s leadership will continue to take steps to transform the organization and unite the Confederation’s 41 member associations.