Concacaf focuses on refereeing excellence at course in Costa Rica
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Concacaf focuses on refereeing excellence at course in Costa Rica

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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica –As part of Concacaf’s vision to increase opportunities for referees around the region, the Confederation this week concluded a three-day Tier 2 referee and assistant referee course in San Jose, Costa Rica, focused on the requirements to be a world-class official.

Thanks to the assistance of the Costa Rican Football Federation’s Referee Department, 38 male and female referees took part in the course. These Tier 2 participants represent the officials just below the elite level. 

The strenuous course tested all aspects of refereeing. Participants underwent a FIFA international level 1 fitness test, plus spent a full two days working in practical sessions on the field of play, while utilizing players who simulated game situations.

There was plenty of work in the classroom as well.

The course attendees were video-tested on various match situations, including topics such as challenges, handballs, penalty area infractions, and then were given tips on how a referee can leverage his or her personality to better manage game situations and communicate with players.

The classroom work concluded with the referees watching 15 game situations from Concacaf matches and presenting their respective analysis to their peers.

For Concacaf Director of Refereeing Brian Hall, the course was another excellent example of Concacaf’s commitment to improve the quality of its refereeing.

“The course was geared to provide a challenging and interactive platform for Concacaf’s second-tier match officials. Hands-on field sessions and classroom sessions challenged this vital group of officials to actively participate in their learning. We feel the results will unify our referee team’s interpretation of the Laws of the Game and provide impetus to be dynamic managers of the players and the game,” said Hall.

Hall also praised the work of referees and instructors alike during the course.

“Overall, we were impressed by the commitment of our referees. They were fully engaged and eager to return to their Member Association with new knowledge and a new sense of what it takes to be a world-class official. Our instructors did a fantastic job delivering our message and their contributions will bring the Confederation one step closer to unifying our approach to the game,” concluded Hall.

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