Concacaf Director of Development lauds collaboration effort at Technical Directors course in Trinidad
CONCACAF Director of Development Jason Roberts was a feature speaker at the opening of the FIFA Course for Technical Directors in Port of Spain, Trinidad on Monday.

CONCACAF Director of Development Jason Roberts was a feature speaker at the opening of the FIFA Course for Technical Directors in Port of Spain, Trinidad on Monday.

Roberts spoke at the formal opening of the five-day course at the Hilton Trinidad alongside FIFA Head of Technical Department Services Jurg Nepfer. The participating member associations in Port of Spain are Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts/Nevis and Suriname. The purpose of the course is to provide an opportunity to Technical Directors to gain additional knowledge in important subjects, which are essential for their daily business. The course will also serve as a platform for experience sharing among Technical Directors, CONCACAF and FIFA.

Among the topics will be the roles and responsibilities of a technical director, Report of Training analysis, reporting of match training analysis and coach education analysis among other items.

 There are practical and theoretical sessions foreseen. Importance will be given to the practical sessions on days 1 to 3, which are:The organization of a youth match; The visit of the training of one of these two teams and A session on coaching education as part of your coaching education system.
"I would like to thank FIFA for putting on this very important project. working with the technical directors  I'm never happier in this role as director of development as when I am surrounded by football people," Roberts said.

"I think the ongoing work that is being done by our technical directors and the subsequent support you are receiving from FIFA is hugely important. We all know as people operating at this level of football that the plans and technical information being passed down is hugely important.  I think this programme working with local people from the Confederation in association with the Confederation and working with people like Anton Corneal, Lenny Lake and Rodrigo Kenton, people who know this region is a big focus for us and a big advantage for us," Roberts added.

The former Grenada international said he was encouraged by the Confederation being able to utilise experts from the region alongside those of FIFA.

"It's very difficult to deliver programmes when it is not topicalised, when you are not using people who understand the issues of the region. and what FIFA has done today has recognised that we need the influence and the knowledge of these experts alongside international knowledge which is being done to facilitate this progress," he said.

"From the confederation standpoint  we support this and we are hugely thankful that we've been able to put this programme together in collaboration with FIFA. From my perspective I am really excited about seeing this impact of this in our programmes and most importantly on the pitch.  We at CONCACAF  are working extremely hard to improve our coaching curriculum alongside FIFA and UEFA to ensure that our coach capacitation is as good as it can be. I want to give you assurance of CONCACAF's support and commitment and we will continue to work with you to give you the best environment to deliver your goals," Roberts concluded.