Statutes and Regulations
Statutes and Regulations

Concacaf, the regional soccer confederation for North and Central America and the Caribbean, is regulated by its Statutes, which serve as the constitution of the organization and is the basis for all of its rules and conduct.

The Statutes must conform with those of FIFA, the sport's world governing body and which Concacaf is one of six continental confederations.

In turn, each member association of Concacaf must have its own statutes, which must conform with and be approved by Concacaf and FIFA.

Each tournament conducted by Concacaf and its sub-regional affiliates (UNCAF in Central America and the Caribbean Football Union) are governed by regulations approved by the Executive Committee.

The regulations stipulate the frequency, objectives and rules of the tournaments, requirements for all national or club teams which participate, and specify financial arrangements, format of the event and methods of determining disputes.

Concacaf Statutes

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Concacaf Code of Conduct

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Concacaf Code of Ethics

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