Referees and Regulations
Referees and Regulations

Refereeing is a vital component of the game and one of the most critical functions for CONCACAF. The Confederation continues building a professional Refereeing Department that raises the quality of refereeing for every competition across the region, while ensuring that the community of referees receives the necessary support to properly enforce the Laws of the Game. 

The Department is implementing a robust referee development program that is tailored to assess and meet the needs of all 41 CONCACAF Member Associations. Furthermore, the program includes new training courses and seminars for referees, assessors, instructors, and administrators. A new online system will also be implemented to manage referee profiles, make assignments, track assessments, and provide tools for additional education and training.

As representatives of CONCACAF, we are counting on all match officials to ensure there is healthy competition, while maintaining the spirit of fair play.


For further information, please contact the Refereeing Department at refereeing@concacaf.org.


IFAB Laws of the Game 2016/2017


Les Lois du Jeu version 2016/2017