Concacaf Women’s Football Internship

The Women’s Football Internship will consist of the administration, development and digital aspects of the sports industry. The women’s football intern will assist the Women’s Football Department with the continual research of the women’s football landscape across the Concacaf region and beyond. The intern may be asked to assist in additional special projects and will receive hands-on experience in the development of the women’s game.

The Women’s Football Internship Program will last for 12 weeks and will not exceed 20 hrs. per week. Throughout the duration of this program, the intern will work closely with the Head of Women’s Football and the Women’s Football Coordinator both of whom will provide insight into the daily workings of the department as well as special projects. This unique opportunity will offer the selected candidate an array of specialized experiences. The program is expected to begin in August.

Overview of Responsibilities:


  • Analyze results from Member Association (MA) surveys previously sent by Concacaf and FIFA and identify data relevant to upcoming projects.
  • Research current MA professional and recreational women’s leagues, level of play and put together a master league calendar for our region
  • Maintain up-to-date information on current activities and movements surrounding the women’s game.
  • Assist in the implementation of the Women’s Football Strategy across upcoming projects.
  • Research all women’s initiatives and events for potential partnerships and collaboration.


  • Participation in drafting agendas and taking notes in various meetings.
  • Manage the master “women’s calendar” with all activities relevant to the women’s game, holidays and official days.
  • Assist in maintaining updated databases such as player transfers/club signings, women’s committee members, etc.
  • Management of correspondence received through the department email account.


  • Track MA accomplishments and highlights relevant to the development of the women’s game.
  • Maintain record of important women making an impact in our region.
  • Assist in identifying key player, referee and coach stories to be shared through our Concacaf W platform.
  • Track MA league performances.

Required Skills:

  • Completed bachelor’s degree or being currently enrolled in an accredited program
  • Experience working in sports, preferably women’s football
  • Proficient in English and Spanish languages
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Experience in data analysis, research and graphic design is a plus
  • All applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States and will be required to submit proof of such eligibility. 

12-Week Plan

Week 1

  • Overview of organization and office tour
  • Meet with HR to complete internship paperwork
  • Overview of internship duties, daily activities and run down of systems in place for department
  • Familiarization of varying departments and their duties

Week 2

  • Commence research on MA professional and semi-pro leagues, the level of play, coaches, and league schedules.
  • Create women’s master calendar with club league dates.

Week 3

  • Assist the Department in assessing Club Competition formats suitable for the women’s game according to research conducted.
  • Research information and qualification steps regarding women’s club competitions taking place outside of Concacaf.

Week 4

  • Continue club-related research and assessment of women’s game.
  • Assist in determination of a budget for women’s club competition.

Week 5

  • Assist in Women’s Football Coordinator in the planning of CSR pilot event.
  • Create a list of equipment and materials necessary for CSR event and assist in logistics planning, allocations and procurement processes.

Week 6

  • Coordinate equipment and material arrival to CSR event venue(s) with local organizers and MA.
  • Assist in drafting in workshop agenda and program schedules.

Week 7

  • Continue assisting Coordinator in organization of CSR event.
  • Research individual MA accomplishments.
  • Identify key stories from research to include in Newsletter. 

Week 8

  • Assist in identifying key women in the game to feature in Newsletter.
  • Summarize key women’s football events taken place earlier in the year by the departments and WWC.

Week 9

  • Draft newsletter template.
  • Assist drafting for edition of newsletter in collaboration with Communication Department and Designers.
  • Continue research of stories within the region to include in newsletter.

Week 10

  • Research relevant upcoming events in first quarter of the year to include in newsletter.
  • Assist Coordinator in finalizing coaching program event program.

Week 11

  • Ensure databases and ongoing projects assigned are updated with information gathered throughout internship.
  • Conclude any projects worked on and provide status update.

Week 12

  • Expressed lessons learned and experiences as an intern overall.
  • Review experience and share recommendations for future candidates and for department to improve on.
  • Provide feedback to supervisor regarding program and provide final update on projects assigned.