Since 1992, Olympic qualifying has been a strictly under-23 competition, in line with FIFA's under-17 and under-20 World Cups.

Beginning in 1996, teams that qualified for the Olympics were permitted to supplement their rosters with three players not restricted by age in its 18-man final list.

Concacaf is allotted two teams in the 16-nation Olympic Games tournament, decided through a qualifying process that usually begins in the Caribbean approximately one year before the Olympics.

Like most of Concacaf's age-restricted tournaments, the finals are usually contested among eight teams in a single country. The Caribbean is allotted two berths while Central America is granted three. They join North America's three: Canada, Mexico and the United States, divided into two groups of four teams for the group stage, with semifinals and final.


Concacaf Olympic Qualifying

Year   Venue                   Qualifiers

1924   ---                          United States

1928   ---                          Mexico, United States

1936   ---                          United States

1948   ---                          Mexico, United States

1952   ---                          Netherlands Antilles, United States

1956   ---                          United States

1960   Peru                      None

1964   Mexico                  *Mexico

1968   Various                 El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico

1972   Various                *Mexico, United States

1976   Various                Canada, Cuba, Guatemala, *Mexico

1980   Various                ~Cuba, *Costa Rica

1984   Various                Canada, *Costa Rica, United States

1988   Various                ^Guatemala, United States

1992   Various                Mexico, *United States

1996   Canada               *Mexico, United States

2000   United States     *Honduras, United States

2004   Mexico                  Costa Rica, *Mexico

2008   United States      *Honduras, United States

2012   United States      Honduras, *Mexico


No national teams from the North and Central American & Caribbean region participated in the Olympic Games from 1908-1920. Between 1924 and 1956, Concacaf teams were either invited or qualified automatically for the Olympic Games. In 1960, the first Olympic qualifying tournament was held that combined countries from both North and South America but four years later, Concacaf staged its first qualifying event solely for qualifiers for the teams within its region.


*Tournament winner

~Replaced United States, which withdrew

^Replaced Mexico, which was disqualified