How Concacaf NextPlay Works?

How Concacaf Next Play Works?

Collaborating with Member Associations and Ministries of Sport and Education, affiliated schools with a physical education curriculum can implement the program through a point of contact for specific activities, led preferably by the Technical Director. Our point of contact is the local coordinator who works in tandem with the Technical Director to ensure a successful execution of the program. All local coordinators are participants of the Concacaf Train the Trainer program which aims to develop coaching education instructors within our Member Associations.

Additionally, chosen volunteers complete the Concacaf E License qualification and participate in appropriate capacitation courses hosted by Concacaf, emphasizing the core principles of our brand, football, unity, quality and access. Through this program, we foster the social values of respect, inclusion, teamwork and integrity.

The Concacaf E License course not only prepares the volunteers to conduct age appropriate training sessions for the children but provides them with a series of practical on field recommendations on how to use the game to teach the social values of the program.