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Concacaf NextPlay | Program Principles
Concacaf NextPlay | Program Principles

Program Principles

  • Football:  Football comes first! The game simplified by small sided games with no complicated rules, allowing the player more opportunities to touch the ball and score goals.
  • Fun: Creating an environment which brings joy and smiles to participants. Young players learn best in a player-centered and fun-filled environment free of pressure. The aim is to promote lifelong love and loyalty to the game.
  • Friendship: The building of lasting relationships through playing football, mutual respect for the game and each other. The program aims to provide participants with opportunities to develop the necessary tools to appreciate diversity and build bridges.
  • Fair play: The program provides an opportunity for children to play without discrimination, while developing social values such as respect for rules and each other, teamwork, drug-free participation, leadership, compassion and integrity.
  • Future: The game is an important vehicle for socio-economic change and should be maximized in this regard. The emphasis should be on laying a proper foundation for a positive future for the players, enabling them to take full advantage of the many opportunities that will arise from their involvement in the game.