Barbados looks to Caribbean Cup future

Barbados (pictured) advanced to the second round of the 2014 CFU Caribbean Cup. (Photo courtesy of the Barbados Football Association)

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Barbados is hoping to strengthen its national team for the next round of the Caribbean Football Union Caribbean Cup qualifiers in October by securing the services of several foreign-based players.

Head coach Colin Forde said that Barbados Football Association has sourced players who are eligible to represent the country and said that their inclusion was a realistic possibility.

“There are a number of Barbadian players from overseas who have shown interest and if we can get them to come in they can strengthen the side even more,” Forde said.  “If you can get players from overseas it can only make the team stronger and what we have to make sure to do is bring the right players and not just any players. We need a player that would fit in and one that would really improve the side.”

Barbados progressed to the second round of the Caribbean Cup after finishing second in Group 3 of the first round last week in Martinique.  It was on the verge of elimination, playing Suriname to a 1-1 draw in the opener, before falling 3-2 to the host.  A 4-1 win over Bonaire in the final fixture ensured advancement.

The Barbadians will now come up against second-round opponents Haiti, French Guiana, St Kitts & Nevis.  Manager Fabian Wharton believes his side could feature prominently in the October 8-12 campaign.

“We always have a good chance and the reason I say that is because this team is together,” Wharton pointed out.  “There are no separations in this team.  This is a united and happy team and sometimes a little too happy for my liking because they are always laughing and having fun.

“The senior and the juniors get along well and the players want to do well and because of that everybody gets along well.  I also understand that many people were not expecting us to advance and the fact that we did speaks to the hard work and dedication from the overall team.”

Wharton said the result in Martinique had been a triumph of team spirit.

“At the end of the day when you give someone a role they are expected to perform that role to the best of their ability and that was what happened,” he finished.  “We asked the guys sometimes to do things that they were not accustomed doing, but the entire team pulled together as a unit to achieve that goal.”