Antigua & Barbuda’s Griffith grows his game in Charleston

Quinton Griffith (pictured) is a standout performer with the Charleston Battery and Antigua & Barbuda. (Photo courtesy of the Charleston Battery)


CHARLESTON, South Carolina -- It may be a long way from Antigua & Barbuda to Charleston, South Carolina, but for the versatile Quinton Griffith, the transition from the Caribbean nation to the United States has been a comfortable one.

Now in his fourth season with the Charleston Battery of the USL, Griffith has become quite accustomed in his home away from home, which has allowed him to grow as a player at both ends of the field.

“It’s developed in different ways,” said Griffith after training on Wednesday. “I’ve been playing in different positions like right midfielder, right back, left midfielder or left back. I’ve seen a big improvement in my game both physically and mentally.”

Griffith got his start professionally with the now defunct Antigua Barracuda that also competed in the USL for a number of years. He had been seen by coaches in games involving the Battery and the Barracuda, connecting with him ultimately through his father and, from there, the path was laid for him to move to the United States.

Culturally, things are different, but Griffith sees much of his hometown in South Carolina.

“It’s a joy playing here and I’m thankful for the opportunity of playing here,” expressed Griffith. “The difference between playing here and back home isn’t very big. It reminds me of back home. It’s southern and has beaches and all of that.”

As someone who’s made a steady living playing professional soccer and is appreciative of his early local opportunities, the 24-year-old sees himself as a role model/leader for the next generation of talent coming through the Antiguan system.

“The experience was wonderful and playing at home is always great,” Griffith finished. “I’m from there and people like my family and friends were there. It’s a good feeling playing at home.

“A lot of guys look up to me and I try to teach what I’ve been here learning. The younger guys and some of the older guys look up to me”

Paving the way and paying back…Griffith wouldn’t have it any other way.