Webb recognizes Premier League work on anti-discrimination

LONDON (Tuesday, February 17, 2015) - CONCACAF President and FIFA Anti-Discrimination Task Force Chairman Jeffrey Webb has praised the Premier League's work and commitment to diversity. After a meeting on Monday in London with Premier League Chief Richard Scudamore, Webb expressed satisfaction with the progress being made through the realization of equality policies and programs.

"We commend the Premier League and its club's work to promote diversity and equality. We welcome their commitment to making a difference and rely on their leadership as they recognize that there is always more than can be done to improve the game," said Webb. 

While Webb and Scudamore also spoke about the Caribbean Professional League and a coach assignment program, their discussions focused on the Premier League’s growth in the areas of equality and diversity.

Some of the policies and programs being implemented by the Premier League are Football Equality Standard (mandatory minimum criteria clubs must meet for policies and commitments across all activities), Unconscious Bias Training (course to recognize bias and cultural awareness) and Opportunity for Black Minority Ethnic and Female Coaches (funding for six additional places on the Premier League Elite Coach Apprenticeship Scheme, guided by an advisory group comprised of former players and club managers). 

Additional measures being employed by the Premier League include match steward training to identify and address discriminatory incidents, and the development of a safe and anonymous reporting system.