Steering Football Development in Barbados

 Meeting with the Hon. Stephen Lashley, Minister of Sports for Barbados. (L-R) FIFA Development Officer, Howard McIntosh; CONCACAF President, Jeffrey Webb; BFA President, Randy Harris and Hon. Stephen Lashley.

In Bridgetown, Barbados, CONCACAF President and FIFA Vice-President, Jeffrey Webb met with the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Freundel Stuart and Minister of Sports, Hon. Stephen Lashley, to discuss the  planned approach to development of football on the island.

“I am pleased with the passion being shown and more importantly the strategic plans produced by the Barbados Football Association,” Webb said. “Caribbean nations have some distance to make up, but with what I have seen, a commitment to proper planning, and a focus on development will enable them to achieve targets and garner greater youth participation, improving coaching standards and producing high level competition will be met.”

During the trip, Webb got a firsthand look at the areas most needing development and visited the FIFA Goal Project and existing stadium facilities. The discussions with Barbados’ leaders were focused on improving partnership and increasing collaboration, to ensure the country’s goals are achieved.

Barbados Football Association President Randy Harris said, “At the BFA, we are happy to have President Webb and the delegation visiting Barbados. We are at a very positive time with our development here and I am glad that President Webb is able to see it first-hand and share our vision for further development in Barbados.”