Jeffrey Webb, FIFA Vice President and CONCACAF President
Jeffrey Webb was born in Cayman Islands in 1964. His illustrious career in the football field spans for almost three decades. As a natural and charismatic leader of an industry that transcends all borders, Webb stands as a global visionary whose commitment to development and reform is strongly impacting the world of football not only at the regional level but also internationally.He became the fourth President in the Confederation’s history and the youngest leader of any regional association within FIFA to reach this position. As CONCACAF President, his core focus is to restructure the Confederation by building solid foundations to manage, develop and promote the game with a resilient commitment to inclusiveness, accountability and transparency.[do action="article_quote"]On May 23 2012, in Budapest, Hungary, Webb was unanimously elected to lead the Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF).[/do]Furthering his achievements as President of CONCACAF, Webb also became FIFA Vice President and a member of the governing body’s Executive Committee.  Moreover, on March 2013 Webb was appointed by FIFA President Joseph Blatter as Chairman of the FIFA Anti-Racism and Discrimination Task Force, which oversees all matters related to discrimination within global football.In 2012, at the time of his CONCACAF appointment, Webb was President of the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA). Throughout his 21 years as head of CIFA, he has been and continues to be a bridge-builder and passionate leader who contributed to grow the legacy of the sport by ensuring fair play on and off the field.His devotion to football and to get the sport on the world stage enabled CIFA to become member of both CONCACAF and FIFA in 1992. CIFA’s accomplishments under Webb’s administration and leadership were widely recognized and as a result,  in 1994 he was co-opted as a member of the CFU Executive Committee. A year later, he was appointed to FIFA’s Protocol Committee. Prior to his election at CIFA, he was a member of its Executive Committee and served as President of the local football club Strikers FC.Moreover, within FIFA’s governing body, in 2002 Webb became Deputy Chairman of the FIFA Internal Audit Committee and subsequently Chairman in 2011. He is a former member of FIFA’s Transparency and Compliance Committee and, most recently, was appointed as member of FIFA’s Strategic, Finance, Organizing World Cup and Emergency Committees.Parallel to his prominent path in the football arena, Webb has had a successful career as a banker with Fidelity Ltd., one of the largest banks in the Cayman Islands, developing, managing and directing investment banking, corporate finance and risk management.Webb also took part of FIFA’s delegations to the World Cup including France (1998), U.S. Women’s World Cup (1999), Korea/Japan (2002), Germany (2006), and South Africa (2010).