Interim Guyana football head calls on CONCACAF

CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb (right) with Clinton Urling, Chairman of the Guyana Football Federation’s Normalization Committee, on November 7, 2014, in Miami.

MIAMI -- CONCACAF officials held an introductory meeting Friday with Clinton Urling, the Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) Normalization Committee chairman, to discuss the way forward for development of the sport in Guyana.

In October 2014, FIFA installed a Normalization Committee as a response to internal turmoil within the GFF.  The Committee was entrusted with running day-to-day operations, revising statutes and organizing elections by September 2015.

“The objective of this courtesy visit by Committee Chairman Urling was to determine the next steps in the progression of football in Guyana and to keep it on solid and stable footing,” said CONCACAF President Jeff Webb. 

The current situation faced by the GFF was thoroughly analyzed and key areas requiring urgent attention were identified.  Most importantly, perhaps, a strategic plan and timeframe on how and when the Committee’s objectives would be accomplished were examined.

“Faith in Guyana football must be restored,” said Urling.  “However, the cooperation and involvement of all football stakeholders and the country as a whole is required.  Guyana is a country with amazing football potential.”