Grenada FA showcases new website

ST. GEORGE'S, Grenada -- The Grenada Football Association (GFA) is the latest national association in CONCACAF to develop a new website, recently launching at its Annual General Meeting. The new website will provide the GFA with a medium to promote its work, as well as feature activities relating to its burgeoning programs.

GFA President Cheney Joseph believes the website will allow the association to improve its overall communications function, plus stay in contact with Grenadians at home and abroad.

"In the world of information and technology without a medium to communicate and interact, associations may find it difficult to attract the needed attention in order to grow the sport," he said. "Therefore, we at the GFA believe that the re-launched website provides a platform for sharing our success in the world."

The website, which was designed by SpicevibesInc, is intended to feature the work of the various committees, the General Secretariat and members.

"This website will allow persons wanting to subscribe to the GFA's newsletter, as well as communicate with the various committees, an improved avenue to do so," said Livonne Charles, CEO of Spicevibes. "
"We have looked at FIFA, CONCACAF and many other associations and patterned the website to meet the growing needs of your members and fans."

In addition to allowing the GFA website to do live streaming, the new website will have the ability to translate news and information in many languages.

"This is great stuff and the kind of progress needed in order for us as an association to move forward," commented Police F.C. representative, Allan James. "I am fascinated at the amount of information we can now get at the click of a mouse. We congratulate the Executive Committee on these positive moves, this is development."