General Secretary first year

Dallas, Texas – July 25, 2013 – One year out from the unanimous appointment of Secretary General Enrique Sanz by the CONCACAF Executive Committee, and through the vision of President Jeffrey Webb, the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) continues its work -in building a solid and sustainable development platform in the region, while adopting measures to stimulate the growth of the game.

“Enrique Sanz has undeniably been a key addition to the transformation of our Confederation,” said CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb. “His impeccable execution has led our team to materialize some of the robust changes we have envisioned. Thanks to him, we can today see tangible results that account for the first steps towards a grander future for our Confederation.”

Factors that are boosting the progress within CONCACAF include the consolidation of a solid structure, further involvement of Member Associations, addition of capable personnel, commercial investment and strategic alliances.

“We’ve transformed challenges into opportunities -- CONCACAF has a promising future and its soccer continues to grow,” said Sanz. “Every day, together with the Executive Committee, we put forth President Webb’s mission and we create a more transparent and trustworthy Confederation. In CONCACAF, we are extremely proud of what our team has been able to achieve during these intense months of hard work.” 

Sanz, who officially took office on July 25, 2012, is a central part of the new CONCACAF leadership. He has played a key role in the new administration of the Confederation by implementing Webb’s vision, trough the unconditional support of the Executive Committee, to develop, promote and manage football in the region. 

“CONCACAF is growing; the General Secretary has shown that he has the commercial background and a lot of experience on the business side, and you can see a lot of improvements in various parts of the Confederation, whether on-field issues or off-field issues, ” said the President of the United States Soccer Federation, Sunil Gulati.

“Mr. Enrique Sanz has brought an air of professionalism and ease to the new administration of CONCACAF,” said Jamaica Football Federation President, Captain Horace Burrell.  “The Confederation in years to come is going to be much better off for having him as a part of the administration, and in particular as the General Secretary. There are many evident changes, first of all accountability, secondly the involvement of everyone. I think overall President Jeffrey Webb has brought a new vision and also a different attitude to CONCACAF’s leadership.” 

Over the past year and under President Webb’s direction, the Confederation has helped engage the Member Associations in diverse development initiatives, addressing the region’s needs in promoting technical knowledge, football competitiveness and infrastructure projects. Additionally, resources have been optimized to achieve greater efficiency and clear processes have been created to reinforce the imminent need for governance.

"We’re now involved in the committees, there has been a full opening, we have a voice, a vote and we feel part of CONCACAF. We are part of CONCACAF because we want to be in the Confederation, not because we’re required to,” said the President of the Mexican Soccer Federation, Justino Compean. "With Jeffrey Webb leading the administration and Enrique Sanz handling the secretary general we feel at ease. There is honesty, integrity, hard work and desire to make things right."

"Generational changes involve development and now this is the Executive Committee direction, we hope that our Member Associations perceive the positive transformation," said the General Secretary of the Football Federation of Honduras, Alfredo Hawit. "CONCACAF has improved the communication channels and football development. We represent football and we need to develop the sport. "

Sanz, who has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, has implemented the vision of development from Webb and the Executive Committee by promoting growth in the commercial area with the incorporation of new sponsors and partners that support regional projects.

"The road is long but we must continue to invest in our region to consolidate its football relevance,” concluded Sanz. “This administration has a strong strategic development plan established by our President to reach a higher level of excellence, which will allow us to be a Confederation of world champions."


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