"FIFA 11 For Health" to be launched in Caribbean

CONCACAF and FIFA officials, representatives of the FPF, members of the government and sports associations gathered for a meeting to launch “FIFA's 11 For Health” programme in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- The numerous benefits that football can bring to a region were the topics of discussion at a recent meeting in Puerto Rico hosted by FIFA Vice President and CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb.

The one-day meeting in San Juan brought together FIFA medical staff, the Puerto Rico Football Federation (FPF), government officials and those from notable sports commissions on the island.  The meeting successfully set the path for the medical project, “FIFA 11 For Health,” soon to be launched in the Caribbean.

“Puerto Rico has a built a good foundation for sports medicine and sports education – from the government’s support to the collaboration of the Olympic Committee,” said Webb.  “Congratulations to the Football Federation, under the leadership of Eric Labrador.  They have been instrumental in focusing on improving football and youth development in the country over the past few years.”

The “FIFA 11 For Health” project is expected to be implemented in the Caribbean region over the next three years.  The project has had been proven to increase health knowledge in participating countries by 15% or higher, according to the program’s published statistics.

“For us, it’s a very important step in the development of football,” said FPF President Eric Labrador.  “Not only to demonstrate that football is more than a sport – it’s a way of health and a way of life for us.  The government is very committed to the development of this project and we are grateful for their support.”

President Webb finished: “At CONCACAF, we are looking forward to the implementation of this program, with the first regional pilot project meeting set for March 2015.  This is an ideal opportunity for FIFA, CONCACAF and governments to further collaborate, as we seek to improve public health in the Caribbean through the power of sports.