Congress takes key step in transparency

Detailed Independent Integrity Report Findings Unveiled

PANAMA CITY, Panama -- CONCACAF held its XXVIII Ordinary Congress on Friday in Panama City, Panama. The seven-hour congress was marked by a multitude of relevant events and highlighted by a report from former Barbados Chief Justice, Sir David Simmons, chairman of the independent Integrity Committee.

The Integrity Committee, which was established last year at the request of various members of the confederation and the CONCACAF Executive Committee, shared the results of its investigation into the activities of the confederation's previous leadership. The committee's report can be found in its totality here.

Additional relevant reports included those from the Audit and Compliance, Finance and Budget Committees.

Another congress highlight was the elections held for two positions on the FIFA Executive Committee and for five on the CONCACAF Executive Committee.

The election results were as follows:


Vice President (Caribbean Zone): Jeffrey Webb (Cayman Islands) won unopposed
Member (North American Zone): Sunil Gulati (USA) prevailed over Justino Compeán (Mexico)

Gulati, who is also President of the U.S. Soccer Federation, has been a member of the CONCACAF Executive Committee since 2007.


Vice President (Central American Zone): Alfredo Hawit (Honduras) won unopposed
Vice President (Caribbean Zone): Captain Horace Burrell (Jamaica) won unopposed
Member (Central American Zone): Eduardo Li (Costa Rica) won unopposed
Member (Caribbean Zone): Luis Hernandez (Cuba) won unopposed
Member (North American Zone): Victor Montagliani (Canada) won unopposed after Sunil Gulati stepped down from the position, following his election to the FIFA Executive Committee

Hawit and Burrell have served on the CONCACAF Executive Committee since 2000 and 2004, respectively. Li, Hernandez and Montagliani will enter their first terms.

In addition, five national associations were granted admission as new CONCACAF members. French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten, which previously held Associate Member status, became full members. As a result of their new status, they will now be able to participate completely in the confederation's competitions.

Also, the island of Bonaire was accepted by the congress as an Associate Member of CONCACAF, bringing the total membership to 41 nations.

The confederation also announced the signing of Memorandums of Understanding with three different organizations in three strategic areas:

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (Social Responsibility)CONCACAF and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) have agreed to work together and engage football in the AIDS response, particularly among young people. The collaboration is an unprecedented commitment to carry out joint advocacy and communications activities in regional competitions organized by CONCACAF in support of the UNAIDS "Protect the Goal" campaign.

Futline (Commercial)Under an arrangement between the organizations, COMEX will provide all Futline products, including marking aerosols and a COMEX Futline-branded carrying belt as required by referees for their use at CONCACAF, Caribbean Football Union and Union of Central American Football matches and training events. COMEX is the leading manufacturer of paint in Mexico and Central America.

Confederation of African Football (Development)CONCACAF and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) agreed to share and exchange information for the enhancement of development, club licensing, women's football, coaches licenses, business administration and event management. The agreement between the two continental confederations of FIFA calls for an exchange of experts, employees and referees, the sharing of best practices, plus participation in workshops, seminars and events.

At the congress' opening, former CONCACAF Officer asked all attendees to observe a moment of silence to honor Dominica national team head coach Kurt Hector and national team player Norman Jno Hope, who were killed in a car accident earlier in the day on the Caribbean island.