Concacaf Statement

Miami (Friday, December 21, 2018) – Concacaf understands that Ottawa Fury FC has withdrawn its unnecessary application to CAS for provisional measures. As we had made clear to the club prior to its commencement of its complaint to CAS, our official process began on December 17, when Concacaf received the application from the CSA seeking Concacaf’s authorization for the club to participate in the USL 2019 season only.  That very same day, we explained to the club that we were expediting the request and that we expected to conclude the review and decision-making process imminently. Ottawa Fury FC’s filing with CAS and their extensive public relations campaign was a needless and misinformed distraction during this process.  Although Concacaf, the CSA and USSF have given their respective authorizations, before the club may participate in the USL for the 2019 season, the Ottawa Fury FC still is required to obtain authorization from FIFA under the clear mandate of FIFA Article 73.