CONCACAF president discusses anti-corruption in the Caribbean

Speaking on integrity and transparency on the Sports Panel at the UCCI Conference

Grand Cayman (Thursday, 20 March 2014) –  Providing a top level perspective from the regional football confederation, FIFA Vice President and CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb delivered a message at the UCCI Conference in Grand Cayman that touched on CONCACAF’s progress in building new foundations based on strong pillars of transparency, ethics and development.

“Improving governance standards should be a priority for any organization,” said Webb. “Without trust at every level, it is impossible to create a strong region like the one we are envisioning. The Caribbean region has diverse cultural, social and economic elements that, while positive in many respects, provide inherent difficulties. The real challenge of uniting nations that are in such different places is defining an integral regional vision of the future.”

Mentioning that he has been enormously gratified by the warm welcome and support received throughout his travels, Webb expressed his commitment to enrich the region’s diversity, as well as communicate core values and distinctive identities through sport.

“It is our task to make sure that we all work to restore the value of integrity, to ensure that we work for the love of society,” he noted. “This is our time to forge a common agenda, to build on solid foundations, and guarantee professional excellence.”

The two-day conference, entitled "Towards a Corruption-Free Caribbean: Ethics, Values, Trust and Morality," focuses on various aspects of values and ethics, as they relate not only to the function of Caribbean governments and political parties, but also to the role of every institution – whether educational, religious, or social -- across the region.