CONCACAF helps TTFF settle WC bonuses

MIAMI -- After several meetings between CONCACAF and the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) leadership to identify the best way to settle past disputes, the Federation was able to pay the 13 members of the national team, who were engaged in long-standing legal proceedings in regard to the sharing of revenues generated from the squad's participation in the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany.

"In the interest of the development of the game, CONCACAF is very pleased with the commitment seen throughout the various meetings to promote the sport and, ultimately, reach a final agreement to resolve all pending matters within football in Trinidad & Tobago," said CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb. "In an effort to regenerate an environment of trust, we congratulate the Federation and its leadership for their continued quest to move past matters forward and build for the future development and growth of the game in the country."

The source of the funds to pay the 2006 Soca Warriors and settle the near seven-year-long conflict with the TTFF was collected from unclaimed commercial and broadcast revenue, which CONCACAF assisted in identifying through an exhaustive audit of the Federation's financial statements.

"I am glad that CONCACAF could have been of assistance to the Federation and will continue to set a clear roadmap that restores the integrity of the game in the region. We look forward to maintaining our joint efforts to continue developing football, as it is our duty to support the younger generations in allowing them to fulfill their goals. I am confident this continued commitment and support will set yet another example of trustworthiness for the national football family. We are indeed hopeful to soon see a unified football community in Trinidad & Tobago," added Webb.

In March, CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb, along with General Secretary Enrique Sanz, invited TTFF President Raymond Tim Kee and Soca players Brendt Sancho and Shaka Hislop to a meeting in New York to discuss the availability of funds in order to fulfill the Federation's commitment to satisfy the outstanding obligation to the 13 players.

"I then had meetings with the president of Concacaf, Jeffrey Webb, who demonstrated a similar type of desire to assist, just that this time the person really assisting was him with the view of putting some closure to the issue," said Tim Kee. "I can tell you when Webb shared with me after several request for assistance that he had located funds that belong to us and asked me what I wanted to do, I told him a debt is a debt and therefore at the top of our priority was settling our most vexatious and discomforting debt, one of promise to the players."

Tim Kee replaced Lennox Watson as TTFF President in November of 2012.