CONCACAF Club Licensing

MIAMI -- In order to comply with a FIFA requirement that the region develop a Club Licensing system, CONCACAF has commenced the process of creating a strategy aimed at advancing clubs at all levels.

Responding to President Jeffrey Webb's request, and, in consultation with its 40 Member Associations, CONCACAF is designing a Club Licensing system engineered to serve as a development tool for each of the region's football, futsal and beach soccer clubs. The program is focused on five specific functional areas of a club: Infrastructure, Sporting, Personnel & Administration, Legal and Finance.

"This is an ambitious project that will surely deliver benefits to all teams in the region and will elevate the standards in all the basic functional areas of a club operation and profitability." commented CONCACAF President Webb.

The Confederation is currently completing an Assessment Report on Club Football and will initiate a pilot phase scheduled to begin in the third quarter of the year. After a period of evaluation, CONCACAF will introduce Club Licensing Regulations, plus provide all Federations and clubs with access to a new Web Based Software system, a set Club Guides and publish an Annual Club Football Report starting in 2014.

"This new project has been greatly received by all our Member Associations," said CONCACAF General Secretary, Enrique Sanz. "We trust, amongst other positive aspects, that the new system will play a crucial role in raising the level of the CONCACAF Champions League."

The CONCACAF Club Licensing system is considered to be a long-term activity and the objective is to have fully implemented for the 2015-2016 CONCACAF Champions League. Ultimately, Club Licensing will play a key role in supporting the development of football within the region and is anticipated to raise the level of professionalism in clubs, while improving their efficiency.

"We recognize that the implementation of this system will take time, but we have FIFA's full support during this process," added General Secretary Sanz. "We have also reached out with notable success to the other football confederations who are interested in sharing their experiences with us and we will profit from this exchange of information."