• Sunday Aug 24, 2014

    Webb speaks on women’s football in CONCACAF

    Canadian Soccer Association President Victor Montagliani (left), CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb (center) and CSA General Secretary Peter Montopoli (right).

    MONTREAL, Canada -- Women’s football remains top of mind in the CONCACAF region, as FIFA Vice President and CONCACAF President, Jeffrey Webb, welcomed members from a trio of the Confederation’s committees -- Championship, Gold Cup and Women’s Technical -- to the host country of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Canada 2014.

     Speaking to them on Friday and Saturday, Webb conveyed his positive sentiments on the increased level of play and abilities demonstrated in this year’s FIFA women’s tournaments in Costa Rica (under-17) and Canada (under-20), as well as a pair of CONCACAF competitions held in the Cayman Islands (under-20, under-15).

     As the host region for all of FIFA’s women’s championships in 2014-15, CONCACAF teams have risen to the challenge and represented the Confederation with distinction.

     “We are proud of our development of women’s football in the CONCACAF region, and the persistence of many of our members to improve this platform continually,” said Webb.  “However, we must exercise vigilance within our programs to increase our level of global competitiveness and readiness for future international championships.”

     Webb also addressed the Canadian Soccer Association’s Board of Directors and congratulated them for a remarkable job in hosting and participating in the FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2014.

     “From a competition standpoint, Canada has exhibited tremendous talent and determination to become a leader in women’s football,” he expressed.  “Coming off a great win in the inaugural CONCACAF Girls’ Under-15 tournament is a testament to the high-level of training and dedication that the CSA invests through its grassroots and coaching programs.”

     Administratively, he commended the Board on successfully hosting the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Canada 2014, and wished them well in preparations for next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup.

     President of the Canadian Soccer Association, Mr. Victor Montagliani, said, “It was an honour to have President Webb, CONCACAF executives and committee members join us in Montreal, QC, to discuss and witness the growth of our sport. Canada is a proud member of CONCACAF and we are committed to becoming a leading soccer nation, in our region and the world. We look forward to continued collaborative efforts with CONCACAF in showcasing and promoting quality soccer for years to come.”

     Webb, along with the CONCACAF delegation, attended Sunday’s U-20 final between Germany and Nigeria.

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