• Tuesday Oct 22, 2013

    President Sepp Blatter focuses on the Power of Football

    FIFA President Sepp Blatter gave a passionate description of ‘The Power of Football’ in a keynote speech to the CONCACAF Sports Summit 2013 on Tuesday.

    Blatter, who reflected on the origins of the game in England and the later growth of FIFA, said it was important to understand the precise character of the game’s impact.

    “There are three powers in our game. The first one is the social power – football is education, entertainment, based in discipline, respect and fair play. But more than that, football gives emotions and hope,” said Blatter.

    “The second power, a big power, it is the economic power. Football has become and specifically in the past 25 years, a very significant economic power,” added the FIFA President.

    “Naturally football has a political dimension. It is important for the development of the game all around the world but especially in smaller countries.

    “When football is working as education, as a school of life, political authorities must help football,” he added, noting that national teams are “the best ambassadors” for a country.

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