• Tuesday Oct 22, 2013

    President Jeffrey Webb kicks off Sports Summit 2013

    CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb kicked off the landmark Sports Summit 2013 on Tuesday with a reminder of the growth of the game in the region.

    Webb highlighted the rising numbers of people playing the game, with 43 million players at various levels in the CONCACAF region. He noted the rising numbers attending games and watching on television and that CONCACAF has more women players per capita than any region in the world with 23% of the 26 million female players world-wide playing in the CONCACAF region

    Noting the presence of Mexico’s Liga MX as the fourth league in the world in terms of attendance and the growth of Major League Soccer, which is also part of the top ten leagues in the world in terms of average attendance, Webb said the amount of people engaged with the game was only going to grow. 

    “Does anyone seriously think that with CONCACAF now taking an active, innovative and dynamic approach, these numbers are going to get anything other than even bigger?” asked Webb.

    Webb also said it was time the Caribbean started to work on developing a professional league.

    “The Caribbean faces particular challenges when it comes to developing the game at a professional level. One of the main goals for the Caribbean has to be to develop a sustainable football league. It is time we make this happen,” he said.

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