• Sunday Mar 29, 2015

    Dúo Padre e hijo, motivan a Islas Turcas y Caicos en el CBSC

    En una rareza del fútbol, ​​el hijo Alexander Bryan (última fila, # 4) y el padre Christopher Bryan (última fila, # 10) son los dos miembros del equipo de Fútbol playa de  Islas Turcas y Caicos, que participan en el Campeonato de CONCACAF 2015. (Foto: Mexsport)

    COSTA DEL SOL, El Salvador - Cuando se habla de combinaciones padre e hijo en el fútbol internacional, se piensa que el más veterano suele entrenar el jugador más joven.

    Then there's Turks & Caicos Islands, which has put its unique mark on soccer's family affair.  Father Christopher Bryan and his son Alexander Bryan played together for the Caribbean side in a Group B match at the CONCACAF Beach Championship on Saturday, an 8-3 loss to Mexico.

    "I guess we really didn't know what to expect," said 54-year-old Christopher Bryan, the former president of the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association.  "It's our first beach soccer tournament, so we knew the first game would be tough.  To hold it to nil-nil at the end of the first period apart from those two seconds.  That was a massive achievement for us."

    Alexander Bryan, who was in the starting squad agreed.

    "Exactly what he said," the 20-year-old remarked.  "We just needed to get ready, warmed up before the next two games.  It's very important.  I'm proud of the boys because a lot of them played against St. Kitts [and Nevis] in an international [2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying match]."

    To which the older Bryan responded: "I'm amazed that he's agreeing with me.  First of all because he never listens to anything I say."

    Seriously, though, there are advantages of fathers and sons playing together -- familiarity.

    "It's nice to play with family," Alexander Bryan expressed.  "I can trust him a bit more.  I guess it makes us closer.  I would say maybe we play better with each other because we know each other so well.  So it’s fantastic and I can't wait until these next two games and maybe to score a few goals between us.  It would be a nice memory.

    "He's been in the game for so long.  There's so much more to learn.  He's been to 11-a-side.  He's been to beach soccer and I've just started out.  It's fantastic.  It doesn't make me nervous having him around."

     Needless to say, seeing his son wear Turks & Caicos' colors has made Christopher Bryan, a former international player himself, beam with pride.

     "I'm so proud of him,” he said.  “The 11-a-side, he just had his debut against St. Kitts.  He played both games," he said, referring to a pair of 6-2 defeats the Turks & Caicos suffered in World Cup qualifying last week.

     After Thursday's game, Alexander Bryan and several players flew to El Salvador for the beach competition.

     "There's a lot of recovery for most of our boys," Christopher Bryan said.  "I'm proud.  It's a dream.  It's an international game me playing with my son.  I never thought that would happen.  Maybe I can carry on with my grandson as well."

     The Bryans are taking the CONCACAF competition quite seriously and are already planning for the future.

     "We're learning as a beach soccer nation," Christopher Bryan continued.  "We've been playing for two or three years.  We've put a structure in.  We've involved a lot of our younger academy boys in the program.  We have a very, very young team out there.  I would say the average age is probably about 20.  The first boy who scored tonight, he's 15-years-old.  The second boy who scored tonight, Herby Magny, he's 18.  Average is 20.  I'm just here in a cameo role.  I'm here to just to show the boys the way.  I'm also looking ahead to a coaching role as well.  To coach national teams, you need to have experience at tournaments."

     When he returns home, Christopher Bryan said that he was going to get more heavily involved into coaching.

     "It's a serious thing for this association," he stressed.  "We're already looking two years away.  We're looking for Bahamas 2017.  As soon as we get back, we've got plans in place and we're really going to push up."

     Turks & Caicos was to play Trinidad & Tobago on Sunday and Guadeloupe on Tuesday.

     "We've seen them tonight and we don't fear them," Christopher Bryan finished.  "I think we're going to have a good game against them."


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