• Thursday Aug 22, 2013

    Bahamas U15s overcomes stage fright, shows progress

    Bahamas under-15 national team head coach Niko Mosko (pictured).


    GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands -- The Bahamas had mixed results at the CONCACAF Under-15 Championship and will gain from the entire experience.


    It leaves the Cayman Islands with one win, one draw and three losses, in addition to a goal difference of +1.  The performance in Friday’s victory over Sint Maarten was only outdone, perhaps, by a narrow 1-0 defeat to Group A champion Bermuda -- a team that looks capable of lifting the trophy at the competition’s conclusion.


    “We had a very tough first game against Aruba, first day stage fright for most of them,” said head coach Niko Mosko.  “Second game, we also lost, to Bermuda. It was a very hard fought game. In a sense it was not that bad, especially for a neophyte team that has not been together more than a year.


    “They have worked very, very hard and I say unequivocally that I am very proud of them.”


    The country of Bahamas is comprised of a number of islands and its Under-15 Championship roster was drawn almost in its entirety from the capital city, Nassau.


    “They (the players) thoroughly enjoyed it,” Mosko noted. “They’ve gained a wealth of experience in all respects.  This tournament has been absolutely invaluable to them. You can’t put a price tag on it. Just gaining this experience when they’re moving up to the higher level it’s something that’s not going to be brand new to them. At that point you’re taking away a number of factors that could influence your game.”


    Mosko intends to disseminate all the information and nuances he has gleaned from the trip to clubs back home.


    “And when the kids get back into their respective clubs, they’ll be able to show how it should be done,” he added.  “Passing on information is critical.”


    Mosko would like to see this tournament on an annual basis, but is aware of the financial and logistical constraints.


    “That is something CONCACAF has to address, but if they can do it yearly, that’s great. Bi-annually that’s fine as well.”


    Despite playing its last game on Tuesday, the Bahamas is staying in the Cayman Islands until Friday and the players are looking forward to being just tourists.


    They couldn’t have picked a better place.

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