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    Originally known by names such as salon soccer or five-a-side, futsal is essentially an indoor game that many denote as having its formal beginning in Uruguay in 1930

    While South America had been conducting a continental championship since 1964, the first world championship wasn't staged until 1982 in Brazil, and FIFA's first sanctioned World Cup came seven years later. The name futsal was officially adopted by FIFA in 1992.

    Canada and the United States represented CONCACAF in the inaugural World Cup, and the United States returned three years later along with Costa Rica in the second. The confederation staged its first continental championship in 1996 in Guatemala and the eight-team tournament is held quadrennially, qualifying four teams for the Futsal World Cup.

    CONCACAF Championship

    Year  Venue                                        World Cup qualifiers

    1989  No tournament                           Canada, United States

    1992  No tournament                           Costa Rica, United States

    1996  Guatemala                                 Cuba, *United States

    2000  Costa Rica                                 *Costa Rica, Cuba, #Guatemala

    2004  Costa Rica                                 Cuba, *United States

    2008  Guatemala                                 Cuba, *Guatemala, United States

    2012  Guatemala                                 *Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama


    * CONCACAF champion

    # World Cup host

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