• Saturday Aug 13, 2016

    CU15G Q&A: Nia Woods (US Virgin Islands)

    Nia Woods (pictured) has been a standout performer at 2016 CONCACAF U-15 Girls' Championship in Orlando, Florida. 

    ORLANDO, Florida – In the second of CONCACAF.com’s series of 2016 CONCACAF U-15 Girls’ Championship Q&A’s, US Virgin Islands captain Nia Woods shares her thoughts on football and what she hopes to achieve in the future. The impressive defender has big goals, demonstrating superbly the role that women’s football can play in personal growth. 

    What are the USVI’s objectives at the 2016 CONCACAF U-15 Girls’ Championship?

    This is our first international tournament, so we’re definitely working on technique and footwork. We’d also like to improve on getting the ball up the field more frequently. 

    What does it mean to you to represent the US Virgin Islands?

    I feel grateful because not everybody gets this opportunity. 

    When did you first start playing soccer and why?

    It first started when I was four-years-old in Pittsburgh and I played in a winter soccer league. Then I moved to St. Thomas (in the US Virgin Islands) and got involved with the club there. I’ve made a lot of improvements, and can even be on the bigger team and progress more. 

    Who is your favorite soccer player and why?

    My favorite football player is Neymar. I just like everything he does, how he plays the ball and how he moves. I just love it. And, his hair is awesome. 

    Besides Neymar, is there player in the history of soccer with whom you’d like to be on the same field?

    Definitely, Cristiano Ronaldo. I can learn a lot from him, just like how he does his footwork. His footwork is awesome. 

    What has been the highlight of your soccer career thus far?

    The highlight of my soccer career is this tournament. 

    When you’re not playing soccer, what are some things you enjoy doing?

    I play basketball and volleyball. I like to bake, but my main focus is sports.

    What are some of your goals academically and with soccer?

    Academically, I want to progress more and I want to become a general surgeon. With soccer, I want to be with U20 and U17 teams…maybe get a scholarship. 

    Are there any places that you would like to visit for soccer or vacation reasons?

    I would definitely want to go Argentina or Brazil to play soccer. 

    As an athlete, what motivates you every day?

    I’m just hungry for sports. I just love it…the aggression. I don’t even know how to say it, I just love everything about it.    

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