• Friday Jan 28, 2005

    Canada qualifies to FIFA World Youth Championship; Mexico eliminates Jamaica

    Canada qualified to the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship after defeating the host Honduras 1:0 in a CONCACAF Under-20 Group B Final Round on Friday evening in San Pedro Sula, while in the other group encounter Mexico eliminated Jamaica after a similar 1:0 victory.

    Canada (2-0-0, 6 Points), which extended its unbeaten streak to eight CONCACAF U-20 Qualifying games, got a goal by Ryan Gyaki in the 61st minute of the second half over Honduras (1-1-0, 3 Points) at the Estadio Francisco Morazán.

    The maple leafs, who qualifies to their seventh overall FIFA U-20 Tournament, will join Panama and the USA as three of the four CONCACAF Representatives at the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship in the Netherlands.

    In the earlier group match on Friday, Luis Omar Hernández scored the game-winner for Mexico (1-1-0, 3 Points) in the 23rd minute of the first half against Jamaica (0-2-0, 0 Points).

    The CONCACAF U-20 Group B Final Round Qualification concludes on Sunday (30 January), when Canada faces Jamaica at 15:30 and then Honduras meets Mexico at 18:00 for the final CONCACAF berth to the FIFA World Youth Championship.

    Group B (GP, W-L-T, F:A, PTS)
    Canada (2, 2-0-0, 3:1, 6)
    Honduras (2, 1-1-0, 4:3, 3)
    Mexico (2, 1-1-0, 2:2, 3)
    Jamaica (2, 0-2-0, 2:5, 0)

    28.01.2005: San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS; Estadio Francisco Morazán (A: 8242)
    JAMAICA - MEXICO 0:1 (0:1)
    Luis Omar HERNANDEZ 23'
    JAM: 1 Ryan Thompson 3-Kemar Munroe- (16: 31-Kieron Bernard) 4-Rodolph Austin, 6-Kenell Moodie , 9-Luton Shelton, 11- Akeem Priestley, -15-Horace Howell (68: 8-Steven Morrissey ) 16-Sean Giveans 17-Obrian White (59: 12-Jermaine Hollis ), 19-Jermaine Taylor-C, 20-Nicholy Finlayson. Booked: none
    TD: Wendell DOWNSWELL
    MEX: 1-Guillermo Ochoa-C - 2-David Cavazos, 3-Julio Cesar Ceja 4-Santiago Fernández (80: 8-Luis Angel Landin) 6-Luis Omar Hernández, 7-Diego Jiménez, 11-Jonathan Prado (60: 5-Willy Guerrero), 13-Marco Parra, 14-Alberto Ramírez (72: Marcelo Urbina), 15-Luis Enrique Robles 16-Carlos Rodríguez. Booked: Ramírez 61´, Parra 82´
    TD: Humberto GRONDONA
    R: Roberto MORENO (PAN)

    28.01.2005: San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS; Estadio Francisco Morazán (A: 8242)
    HONDURAS - CANADA 0:1 (0:1)
    Ryan GYAKI 61'
    HON: 22-Miguel ángel Orellana - 4-Aron Bardales (86: 8-Fyron Barahona), 5-Erick Norales, 7-Luis Ramos, 9-Dionisio Mejia, 11-Jose Cesar Guity 12-Jorge Claros 13-Cruz Fernando ávila, 17- Emilio Izaguirre (81: 18-Angel Nolasco) 20-Hendry Thomas-C, 21-Ramón Núñez (70: 10-Julian Rapalo). Booked: Bardales 26', Ramos 42', Avila 86', Guity 86´
    TD: Ruben GUIFARRO
    CAN: 1-Joshua Wagenaar - 2-Vince Stewart , 3-Nikolas Lederwood, 4-Andre Hainault, 5-Simon Kassaye , 6-Carlo Schiavoni, 7-Jaime Peters (46: 12- Riley O'Neill) , 8-Tyler Rosenlund 9-Ryan Gyaki-C, 10-Will Jonson, 11-Marcel De Jong (83: 13-Mike Dágostino). Booked: Rosenlund 33´, Schiavoni 72´, De Jong 74´, Gyaki 90'
    R: Walter QUESADA (CRC)

    30.01.2005: San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS; Estadio Francisco Morazán (15:30)
    R: Donald CAMPOS (NCA)

    30.01.2005: San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS; Estadio Francisco Morazán (18:00)
    R: Roberto MORENO (PAN)

    CONCACAF All-Time Youth Final Round Tournaments
    Year - Venue (s) - Champion - (FIFA WYC Qualifiers)
    1962 - Panama - Mexico
    1964 - Guatemala - El Salvador
    1970 - Cuba - Mexico
    1973 - Mexico - Mexico
    1974 - Canada - Mexico
    1976 - Puerto Rico - Mexico - (Honduras, Mexico)
    1978 - Honduras - Mexico - (Canada, Mexico)
    1980 - USA - Mexico - (Mexico, USA)
    1982 - Guatemala - Honduras^ - (Mexico*, USA)
    1984 - Trinidad & Tobago - Mexico - (Canada, Mexico)
    1986 - Trinidad & Tobago - Canada - (Canada, USA)
    1988 - Guatemala - Costa Rica - (Costa Rica, USA)
    1990 - Guatemala - Mexico - (Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago)
    1992 - Canada - Mexico - (Mexico, USA)
    1994 - Honduras - Honduras - (Costa Rica, Honduras)
    1996 - Mexico - Canada - (Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA)
    1998 - Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago - (Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, USA)
    2001 - Canada, Trinidad & Tobago - (Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, USA)
    2002 - Panama, USA - (Canada, Mexico, Panama, USA)
    2005 - Honduras, USA - (Canada, Panama, USA, TBD)

    From 1962 - 1996, CONCACAF staged 16 Under-20 Tournaments with a winner being crowned in each. Eleven of the CONCACAF tournaments (1976 - 1996) doubled as qualifiers to the FIFA World Youth Championships. In 1998, the U-20 CONCACAF event became a Final Round Qualification consisting of two groups of four, each in a different venue, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the FIFA World Youth Championship.

    * Mexico hosted 1983 FIFA World Youth Championship
    ^ Honduras disqualified for ineligible player, USA progress to FIFA WYC 1983

    Photo - Canada, from Ginnette Riquelme/AP


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